Teaming Partners

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The Gaston Group, LLC provides comprehensive solutions to develop an integrated and effective government relations and public affairs strategy. We build a proactive, inclusive program that will exceed your expectations and deliver success.

From message development to coalition building, we create solutions to exceed your expectations and deliver success.

Message Development

The Gaston Group, LLC frames policy issues and crafts a clear, substantive message that will resonate with policy makers. We construct position statements and talking points, draft and deliver public testimony, and provide other vital communications to decision makers and stakeholders. We will generate the tools to convey your message.

Coalition Building

We can identify and recruit significant allies to enhance the client’s opportunities for success. We have in-depth knowledge of key individuals and organizations, both public and private, and an extensive network of contacts, to assist in building critical coalitions centered around specific issues.

Relationship Building

Knowing decision makers is a key element in any public affairs or legislative operation. Whether it is with an elected official, an appointed official or a professional staff person, we have the important relationships you need…before you need them.

Teaming Partnerships

To make certain that all of the needs of our clients are met, The Gaston Group, LLC frequently engages in a variety of teaming partnerships with other professionals and businesses. Whether it is an attorney, a technology specialist or a graphics designer, we offer a multi-disciplinary approach in order to gain success for our clients. By engaging in teaming relationships, The Gaston Group, LLC acts as the direct contact to ensure that the services provided by our team will meet the expectations of the client.

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